Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Difference Between Mission, Vision and Values

So what is the difference between mission, vision and values? The article The Value of Vision appearing at the ManyWorlds website answers this and other questions including:
· Why engage in visioning?
· What are the hallmarks of an effective vision, and how do you go about creating one?
· What are the sources of problems in the vision process?
· How should you implement the vision?
· How does vision relate to mission and to values?
· At what point in the process of strategizing do you engage in envisioning?

The site includes a number of other good articles on the subject of organizational vision (Envisioning Growth, Focusing on A Vision, Lofty Missions, Down-to-Earth Plans, The Vision Thing: Without It You'll Never Be a World-Class Organization, Walking the Talk (really!): Why Visions Fail, Why Vision Matters More Than Ever, and more)

If you’re not familiar with ManyWorlds, you have to check it out. The site bills itself as "the Knowledge Network for Business Thought Leaders". You can create a personal knowledge network based on your interests. When you log in, the site displays updates in the topical areas you have previously selected. You can change your preferences whenever you want to. Manyworlds also automatically generates a set of recommendations for new resources that are judged to be useful to you based on your use of the website and your identified interests. This list of recommendations is updated weekly. Go to: