Friday, June 17, 2011

Strategic Planning for Networks

In a previous post, I discussed collaborative strategic planning, an exciting and important development in the nonprofit sector. I noted

"Nonprofits are showing new interest in collaborative strategic planning efforts in which the focus is on a shared customer/constituent base or pressing community issue rather than development of a strategic plan for their organization alone. Examples include several youth and family serving organizations developing a collaborative strategic plan to offer new services to children with special needs in a region or neighborhood development groups focusing on affordable housing in city neighborhoods."

Some important collaborative strategic planning is being done within networks. A stunning example of this phenomenon can be found in the work of Eric Kim who has facilitated strategic planning for networks. He recently presented in a webinar entitled "Strategic Planning for Networks" sponsored by the Leadership Learning Community. You can access the presentation slides as well as an excellent summary of the presentation on the blog of Patti Anklam. You can access all of this at the website of the Leadership Learning Community.

A related resource is the article "the Network Nonprofit" referenced in another earlier post on our blog: The Networked Nonprofit: A New Mental Model of Organizational Growth.

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